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3 Surefire Ways To Tell You Bombed Your Interview

Jobatron May 9, 2022

It happens. You walk into a job interview dressed for success. You take the most personable attitude with you, answer all questions perfectly, and smile from one end of the room to the other. However, no one has contacted you with a job offer. These are 3 signs your interview didn't go as well as you thought:

You Don't Get an On-The-Spot Offer

Businesses that need workers to extend offers swiftly, and they do it because they don't want to risk letting a suitable candidate walk out the door and seek worse elsewhere. Therefore, a lack of an instant offer may indicate that you didn't do as well as you thought in the interview.

That's not always the case, though. The reason could be that the company had other interviews set for the week. Alternatively, they may have wanted to avoid appearing desperate for workers. Thus, you can consider yourself still in the running if you have not yet received a rejection letter.

You Have To Take a Second Interview

You may not have aced your first interview if the corporate representative unexpectedly calls you in for a second one. This issue is most likely prevalent if this is the first time you've heard of a second round. The initial interviewer might be on the fence about hiring you, or a higher-up may want to know more about you. The good news is that you have another chance to go back there and impress the second interviewer.

Your Follow-Up Doesn't Get a Response

Sending a follow-up sometimes reminds the company of your interest and jars a response, but an unanswered message could be a clear answer. You should give the interviewer at least 72 hours to answer your follow-up. After that, you can assume the company isn't interested in your services and continue your job search.

Don't be discouraged if the company doesn't choose you. Many applicants apply for jobs daily. Keep taking your best self to each meeting, and you will land the perfect job eventually.